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Are you are looking for professional DJ Services for your Wedding, Quinceañera, or  private event? Then you can be sure DJ Fuego will provide you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. Our mobile DJ services serving Houston TX and surrounding cities, are sure to please a wide variety of audiences.

Not only is DJ Fuego one of the best latino DJs in Houston, we also cater to a multitude of ethnic backgrounds and cultures. We have vast knowledge of a multitude of genres and styles of music.

Based of Houston, Texas, DJ Fuego is a full bilingual disc jockey service catering to all events big and small. Complete with Spanish and English speaking masters of ceremonies, DJ Fuego will not disappoint to ensure that your big event goes off without a hitch.

DJ Fuego’s professional DJ services provide only the best in intelligent lighting and state of the art audio equipment to keep the party moving all night! You wouldn’t expect anything less from one the top latino DJs in Houston. Packed with an impressive video and audio library, it is safe to say that DJ Fuego is among one of Houston’s best djs for any and all events.

Tips For Hiring The Best DJ For Your Wedding Or Quinceañera

We understand that hiring the best DJ for your special day is not an easy task. With so many options out there, it can be very overwhelming. Often times find themselves making the mistake of hiring a DJ incapable of handling their special event.

Whether or not you hire our DJ services, we’d like to inform you on some things to look out for. We hope that this information can help you make a more educated decision. Here’s a few tips and questions you can ask yourself:

How long has this DJ been in the business?

Of course, this is not always a direct representation of the quality of work they provide. But what this hopefully means is that they at least have some experience under their belt. Over the years good DJs should find new methods and ways to correct mistakes they have made in their earlier days. For example, providing clean mixes, keeping the crowd engaged, and properly and effectively making announcements and introductions.

Is this DJ versatile?

This one may or may not matter to you. For example, if you know your crowd will be more inclined to country music, then you can easily find a DJ that specializes in that genre and your crowd will be happy.

Now, in this day in age, it is not always so simple. With families of mixed cultural backgrounds and different musical preferences, it can be a challenge to find a DJ company that can cater to everybody.

For example, let’s say you have a wedding where the groom’s family is of Hispanic descent with a Mexican background and the bride’s family is mostly American. Now on top of that you also have some friends visiting from South and Central America. Not so simple.

Bringing all these different cultures on to a dance floor is not always an easy task. It takes a professional DJ with the know how to pull it off seamlessly. All while keeping your guests engaged of course.

A good DJ will know how to use this information and provide a fun and up beat vibe for all your guests. Seamlessly transitioning through a multitude of genres. From tejano, norteño, to cumbias, huapangos, country, line dances, oldies, hip hop, merengue, salsa, bachata, and more.

Is this DJ bilingual?

Again, this may not apply to you. If you are simply looking for a DJ that can communicate announcements and presentations in English, then it should not be very difficult to find one. Likewise if you are solely looking for a Spanish speaking DJ.

Now let’s say you understand Spanish but your preferred language is English. Or vice versa. Now you know for a fact you’re having friends and family over that may have trouble understanding what’s going on if all of the announcements were in just one language. It would be a nice gesture to provide them with a DJ service that will not let them feel left out.

Does this DJ work with third party DJs?

One of the most important things to look for. This is a big one and a growing problem in our industry.

Let’s say you did your homework and worked really hard at finding the absolute perfect DJ service for your special day. They have filled every check mark on your list that fits the criteria for the perfect DJ that you will want to cover your event. Only to find out that on that day of your event, somebody totally different showed up. Neither the person you signed the contract with or the DJ that you saw are at your event.

It can be very disappointing and bottom line frustrating. Some DJ companies will send out 5-6 different DJs on the same night under the same company name. It is important to note that some of the times, although the DJ company itself has been in the business for many years, the DJ that they may send you can be a complete novice and your event could very well be that DJ’s first. Of course everyone has to start somewhere. But this is a once in a lifetime even we are talking about. Would you really want it to be yours?

We highly recommend BOOKING DJS THAT ONLY BOOK ONE EVENT PER DATE. Why is this? Besides the above stated, it allows your DJ to concentrate on your event and providing you with better service. Not having to worry about what’s happening at the other 4 or 5 events the same day as yours.

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